How Much Contact Lens Technology Has Progressed

How Much Contact Lens Technology Has Progressed

Without doubt, contact lenses are cheaper, safer, more durable and longer-lasting than ever before. However, the technology of eye enhancement through miniature lenses is a constantly changing field, and the next decade could be a game-changer. Especially when bought online from a supplier like Pure Optical.

  1. Smart

Smart contact lenses are essentially like implants; however, they don’t require surgery and are able to be put in or taken out by Joe public. Being exposed to constant blinking and natural light, they are being engineered to harvest energy. It sounds like science-fiction but is quickly becoming a reality.

  1. Verily

No, not a Shakespearean quirk but originally part of the Google family which is now an Alphabet subsidiary which retains a measure of independence. They are rapidly developing a smart contact lens that hopes to revolutionise the industry which will probably replace most daily contacts. Including acuvue oasys, It works by removing your natural and defective eye lens, injecting a fluid in, then fusing it with an artificial lens that contains microscopic sensors, a radio battery, storage and other electronics. This then functions as your original lens would have done, focusing your vision in an interactive, flexible way. Although sounding a bit shocking at first, it’s no worse than other technology used to help other parts of your body.

  1. Deep Optics

This is another company that is exponentially developing how we go about fixing vision. It is developing a lens that uses light sensors embedded in electronic circuits, powered by a solar cell, in the form of a contact lens! Sensors determine when and how the eye needs to change focus, and in a millisecond makes a subtle adjustment to that effect. It is particularly being aimed at the 1 billion of us who suffer from farsightedness.

  1. Sony

The Google Glass was seen as a bit of a breakthrough, but people didn’t like the equipment that it necessitated. Thus, Sony has been developing technology which enables sensors in the contact lens to know the difference between involuntary and voluntary blinks. A deliberate blink can be detected and it will then automatically record video footage, so your eye can function as a camera as well as an eye! Samsung is also working on similar technology.

  1. Medical lens

Technology is being developed by the small, startup company, Medella Health, which aims to be able to diagnose if your glaucoma is progressing. It does this through smart contact lenses which measure glucose, using tiny chips and sensors which communicate with your smartphone via Bluetooth. Exciting times lie ahead for those with ocular impairments.

How to start an affiliate business online

Affiliate marketing seems to be the new buzzword around town, and while it may seem very enticing and exciting, the knowledge surrounding affiliate marketing is very little. Affiliate marketing is not an overnight success story that takes people from rags to riches like Cinderella. Instead, it takes hard work, patience, and tried and tested knowledge in the world of content marketing.

Affiliate marketing is a method to make money by earning a percentage as a commission of sales made for products that are purchased online. These sales are possible by generating a lot of web traffic to your own blogs or articles, that help in marketing the products that are to be purchased. The products and services that you market are not necessarily produced by you, but by other manufacturers.


What is Affiliate Marketing?

If you’re thinking of entering the stream of affiliate marketing, it is a good idea to join an affiliate program for the products you would like to market. Owners of the sites or products usually generate a code that you can use to create affiliate traffic towards the product site. You would also be able to avail banners, creatives, side ads, and text links that can aid you in referring traffic. Sites like use affiliate programs.

Interested customers or clients can then click on these ads and embedded links and get directed to the main site of the manufacturer to purchase these products such as greenhouse glass replacement. Once the product is sold or bought, you would then be able to get a commission as a percentage of the product.

Performance can be tracked through your affiliate Id and any other affiliate software that may be used by the manufacturer. You would also have access to monitor your real-time success rates and get analytical data of the work that you are doing.



What are the different types of Affiliate Marketing options?

There are several different methods of affiliate marketing. Some of them are:

  • Pay per Click (PPC): Pay per Click helps you with a payout based on the number of clicks you are able to generate to the affiliate website. PPC is not dependent on whether or not the potential customer makes a purchase.
  • Pay per Lead (PPL): Visitors or potential customers that offer their contact information on the affiliate site help you make money instantly. So, in PPL, the money does not come as a result of clicks or sale, but as a result of information, you helped to generate. For instance, signing up for Newsletters by filling in fields on websites and agreeing to let them send you emailers and contact you about potential offers and discount sales.
  • Pay per Sale (PPS): The merchant or affiliate site pays you only once the customer that you have helped to direct to their site, makes a purchase of a product or service. Amazon is a pay per sale affiliate, sites like Velovision review products like pans for induction hobs.



What should you do to develop an Affiliate Marketing business?

As is the case with any business venture, you must plan and strategize everything. Affiliate marketing strategies and goals should also be designed. Affiliate marketing is not an easy way to make money and takes a lot of hardworking and consistency to yield the results that people talk about.


Research thoroughly:

Study the current market trends and analyze the need for the products you wish to promote like white gold wedding rings. Join an online community or forum that discusses the merits and demerits of affiliate marketing and its products. Several sites have free memberships and discussion boards. This will help you benefit from the experience of other more experienced marketers and promoters and help you navigate any future pitfalls.


Generate traffic:

You can get people to visit your site, but it is slightly more challenging to get them to buy products and services. You can use a mixture of paid and free ad spaces, email marketing, viral ads, securing free links, newsletters, and marketing through articles and blogs to help generate and direct specific traffic to your site, agreed top seller


Concentrate on quality:

Most experienced marketers will tell you that high traffic does not mean a sale. You need to generate quality traffic to your site to promote products. Run quality specific advertisements on your websites and those of your affiliates to create the right kind of traffic. Doing this will help you track your success rate better and help you improve your conversion ratio to get you a higher degree of potential buying customers.

Our Favourite Weight Loss Tech

Losing weight is hard. It can take ages for results to show and it takes a lot of commitment. So you need some help. You could get a gym buddy who pressures you into to going every night, or you could get a personal trainer, but that can get expensive quickly.

For some people it’s as easy as looking for the best sit up bench to buy and then smashing crunches all day. But what if your best bean to cup coffee machine is not enough and you need to motivate yourself? That’s where weight loss tech comes in. There are loads of great products on the market that can make losing weight more interesting. When you are trying to lose weight it can be really helpful to create goals for yourself and track your progress. That is one of the techniques used by personal trainers. Here are a few tech options that can help –

Best Weight Loss Gadgets


Smart Scale

Jumping on the scales and forgetting about your backyard and the electric smoker isn’t the most fun part of losing weight, especially when you are starting out, but it is important to be able to track your progress or you won’t know if all your efforts are working. The great thing about smart scales is the connectivity. The information taken from your smart scale can be sent to a number of different apps on your device so that you can accurately track your progress. There are plenty of options to choose from including the Fitbit Aria and the Withings Smart Body Analyzer.


Fitness Tracker (FitBit Charge 2/ FitBit Blaze/ Apple Watch

No modern workout kit is complete without a fitness tracker. Typically worn around the wrist, fitness trackers started out by measuring your step count and providing you with goals to achieve more steps per day. Now though, they can track everything from heart-rate to pulse and temperature, giving you an even more comprehensive fitness analysis. Most of the corresponding apps provide detailed workout tips to get even more out of your exercise. Best options including the FitBit Charge 2, FitBit Blaze, and the Apple Watch. You’ll probably see ads from people like JVL Group.


Fitness Device Armband

Most smartphones can be really effective workout tools. But because most gym wear doesn’t have pockets, it can be really annoying trying to carry one around. That’s why you should invest in a Fitness Device Armband. Attach your device to your arm, download the right app and monitor your weight loss progress on the go! Careful overdoing it though, get a masssage if you ever start to feel sore.


Best Weight Loss Apps

There are hundreds of weight loss apps available for download. So it can be hard to know which one to choose. Most weight loss gadgets come with a corresponding app, but if you are using your smartphone, then check out one of these options. Avoid using your mobility scooter more than you need, take short walks to keep your cardiovascular strong.



The developers of 8Fit really took into consideration how hard it is to lose weight. The app tackles things like finding time to exercise, creating meal plans you can stick to and knowing how to work out to get the best results. It offers customised exercise routines that take into consideration your current level of fitness and your fitness goals. This app is for the everyday user that doesn’t have access to specialised equipment. There is a free version, but to access all the features you need to pay a subscription fee.


Lose It

Lose It have developed an app for iPhone and Android for users that don’t have their weight loss gadgets. You can connect to other users and share your workout routines and meal plans, as well as connecting to other apps like Runkeeper and Nike+. It has really great exercise routine, meal plan suggestions and accurate progress monitoring. Unlike most fitness apps, you can view your Lose It data on your computer as well, which is really useful for when you start to get serious about fitness. You can even set up reminders to take your favourite weight loss supplements, such as orlistat tablets. 



Counting calories is a huge part of losing weight. It can get so time-consuming checking every label for the calories, so MyFitnessPal provides an easy solution. You get access to the world’s largest database of nutrition and calorie information, so you can easily keep track of your intake. MyFitnessPal is another popular app that helps you track your food intake, exercise and call on your friends to help keep you motivates. This app, owned by Under Armour is the central part of how I lost 25 pounds last year.MyFitnessPal includes access to a million foods and items in a searchable database that lets you easily add your food log to your iPhone or Android. There are also apps for BlackBerry and Windows Phone. This app and service is free, with apps that make logging easily and a personalised diet profile that helps you set a healthy diet goal and a healthy exercise goal. Katie from said my MyFitnessPal is the most popular app for fitness loss, all her friends use it and it has a great and easy interface.

Benefits of VOIP Over Standard Phone Lines in Business

VOIP Scheme

Voice over Internet Protocol or VoIP is a technology that is also colloquially known as internet telephony. According to the experts at, VoIP is a technology that enables human communication over the internet through a series of transmissions. How this technology works is that it compresses vibrations in human voice modulations into digitally compressed signals that get converted into internet protocol (IP) data packets. These packets are further converted (during transmission) to a normal telephone signal if the receiver has a regular telephone or mobile device.

This revolutionary technology has enabled a lot of businesses to obtain reliable digital phone access across the globe. The technology works comfortably on broadband networks and has been instrumental in cutting costs and enabling businesses to scale up or down as the need arises. VoIP technology makes it possible to conduct calls over a desktop computer that is equipped with VoIP phones. The services and benefits offered by VoIP access are unparalleled to those of old phone lines and traditional connections.

Luke from works in transforming old traditional practices on regular telephonic conversations to digitally productive teleconferences between businesses to increase efficient business communication. Caelum Communications offer fixed costs with free call packages to enable cost-effective, worry-free communication throughout the year.

Let’s look at some of the benefits you can get over standard phone lines in businesses.

Easy Installation and Usage:

Installation of VoIP is quite simple and does not require a lot of technical know-how. Standard phone lines take longer to install and test rather than a VoIP system. The mobility and installation process of the VoIP offers many advantages like reduced usage of telephone cabling, less clutter, and no fire hazard due to faulty lines. It also reduces the need for excess electrical wiring since it is part of the digital infrastructure already present in your office. You can add additional internet components with very little hassle. The use of software as against hardware (to make and receive calls) enables easier maintenance of your entire telecommunications system.

A benefit to the user is that VoIP technology stores and combines all your data on one network thereby increasing your cost-effectiveness, manageability, and efficiency in business. VoIP technology is also available over wireless systems making it a hot commodity for asset-light companies. Small and large-scale companies are able to use this technology to make practically free calls from multiple locations while having all their data stored on a cloud server. Larger ecommerce businesses like Audio Concierge use VOIP as a reliable communication system. Used by all business such as companies like


Cheap Call Charges:

It is expensive to make calls over landlines since the line is taken up only by the caller and receiver. This is especially true for long distance calls. Placing calls over landlines increases charges per call which then adds up to the total outflow per month, added Matt from a company that is well known for a great variety of laminate flooring options for the dining room.

Since VoIP uses internet connections already present either through a direct IP connection or a service provider, any calls that you make through the use of your current internet package is cost-effective. There are no separate charges for local and international calls since the technology used for both is the same irrespective of the distance traveled during the transmission process. Many businesses are able to get free call rates with their monthly or annual internet connections.


Higher Reliability:

Most people are under the impression that if your internet connection fails, so does your VoIP. If you set up correct protocols for your business VoIP, this can be averted completely. With this technology, you can set up call forwarding. For instance, if you are unable to take the call in your office, it can automatically be rerouted to another location, server, or a device like your mobile or tablet. This effectively ensures that you are connected to your business irrespective of the location. Basically, you don’t have to miss any calls just because your internet is fluctuating or it has temporarily stopped.

This also takes care of the old problem of answering machines, missed telephonic calls, and any other lags in communications between you and your customers or clients. Apart from being extremely effective in enhancing communications, VoIP ensures that you are able to cut down on the time required to respond to circumstances. Liam from Millenio agreed “VOIP is essential for business communications, it takes out the problem of telephone lines and offers a much more clearer and flexible line.


If you are considering a shift from traditional phone lines to VoIP systems for your business, consult a reliable advisor like Caelum Communications to assist you in this major decision. Getting the best value for your money, improving productivity, and curtailing costs can be possible by the use of VoIP technology. Benefit by using VoIP over standard phone lines in your business.


iPhone X: The Smartphone You Always Wanted

June 28, 2007 was a very remarkable day in the world of technology. Apple released its first-ever iPhone. During the presentation, Steve Jobs told that the iPhone is “a revolutionary and magical product”. And yes, it remained incredible until now. The first iPhone sold over 6 million units.

For over a decade, the iPhone has changed in design and specs. It has become smarter. The last iPhone offering was in 2016 with the iPhone 7s and iPhone 7S Plus.

Now, to celebrate their 10th anniversary, Apple brings their latest innovation – iPhone X.

Let us know the key features of iPhone X that prove it is a big leap to the future:

No Home Button

iPhone X dropped its home button which also functions as the Touch ID security feature. Instead, it uses gestures to unlock. The removal of the home button paves the way to a larger screen display.

Face ID

iPhone X launches their Face ID, a breakthrough in smartphone security feature. iPhone X has TrueDepth camera system that reads your facial features to unlock the phone.

Wireless Charging

The iPhone X is the very first iPhone to charge wirelessly. Apple will also release AirPower, a wireless charging pad that allows the charging of multiple Apple devices at once.

Augmented Reality

iPhone X features augmented reality in which users can incorporate virtual images, games and videos onto the real world. The X also utilizes a 3D tracking system to impose masks using AR for applications. Katie from Civilized Health said “this is definitely the future for technology in my eyes along with AI.” Working perfectly with things like focal headphones or other top brands.


iOS is known for its unique emojis. But in the iPhone X, it is more unique. It features its animojis which allow users to make the emoji match your expression and mimic your movements.

Super Retina Display

iPhone X is much thinner. Chief designer Sir Jony Ive structured the iPhone X to look like a single sheet of glass. It has a 5.8-inch edge-to-edge OLED display that occupies the entire front of the phone. It comes with a 2438×1125 resolution display with 458 pixels per inch. Similar to the htc u11 review, the displays are of similar quality.

The iPhone X costs from £999 for 64GB and £1,149 for 256GB. It will be available for pre-order from October 25 and ships from November 3.

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The Best Digital Cameras of 2017 You Should Buy Now

Are you fond of taking pictures? Do you express your artistry through photos? Or are you just obsessed with making your Instagram feed look nice?

Well, one of the secrets to achieving a good photo is your camera. It should have astounding features and better versatility in various lighting conditions.

Become a professional photographer with these 10 best digital cameras UK of 2017:

Fujifilm X-T2

This camera is perfect for enthusiast photographers. It has a resolution of 24.3 MP and can shoot at a maximum continuous speed of 8fps. Its biggest update is its faster autofocus.

Canon EOS 5D Mark IV

This camera is equipped with 30.4 MP resolution and 7fps maximum continuous shooting speed. The most incredible of this DSLR camera is its advanced 61-point autofocus system. Animal Medicines uses this to take pictures of their products for maximum conversion rate, high quality pictures are key.

Nikon D500

This DSLR camera is capable of 20.9 MP resolution and maximum continuous shooting speed at 10fps. Its most outstanding feature is the 173-point AF system. It is also covered with a metal body.

Sony Alpha A9

Sony Alpha A9 has incredibly 20fps burst shooting and 24.2 MP resolution. It also comes with an incredibly fast autofocus system.

Nikon D3400

For beginners, Nikon D3400 is a perfect choice. It has a maximum continuous shooting speed at 5fps and 24.2 MP resolution. It features a Guide Mode which helps users in understanding the camera operations.

Nikon D750

Nikon D750 has 24.3 MP resolution and frame rate at 6 fps. You also get the same EXPEED 5 image processor, 1080 video speeds, and image sensor dimensions. This camera is great for beginners as well.

Fujifilm X100F

With a 24.3 MP resolution and frame rate at 8 fps, Fujifilm X100F is a great camera for beginners and experts. It boasts its hybrid viewfinders and excellent image quality.

Olympus OM-D E-M10 II

This camera provides top-notch performance. It has a continuous shooting speed at 8fps. It also features its 5-axis system. The viewfinder resolution has also been practically doubled.

Panasonic Lumix ZS100 / TZ100

For travel-lovers, check out Panasonic Lumix ZS100 / TZ100. This is a small and versatile travel camera with decent zoom for its size. It has a 20.1 MP resolution and frame rate of 10 fps.

What are your favourite digital cameras so far added

Virtual Reality And Its Major Contribution To Business Success

Virtual Reality has been gaining popularity all over the world. It is a huge leap to the future, bringing a different experience of reality and a total-package of convenience and extraordinary.

It has helped in various applications, including education, entertainment and most recently, business.

Most companies now are integrating Virtual Reality features in their operations. According to the forecast of the digital research firm Tractica, most businesses will make use of Virtual Reality with over 9.2 billion dollars by 2021.

Here are the five major contributions of Virtual Reality to business success:

Training and Simulation

One of the earliest applications of VR is in the medical field. It uses VR in their medical procedures and in training practitioners. Businesses too are starting to train applicants through Virtual Reality. Applicants can have a first-hand experience of the business operations and functions which will help them enhance their skills before going immediately to the work. It can also be used in simulation exercises of employees to reinforce their skills and improve their productivity.

Virtual Design

Virtual Reality has been used effectively in assessing or testing 3D designs and prototypes. Through VR, businesses can save a lot of money because they don’t have to spend millions just to create hundreds of prototypes. VR can provide the same experience as the prototype. You can test parts, processes and mechanisms through VR. Architects and engineers find VR very helpful in their work.


Virtual Reality improves communication as it brings members of the business closer together even if they are distant. VR can make them interact through VR-supported teleconferencing platforms where they can conduct meetings, conferences, seminars and many more.


We are aware that sitting all day in the office can increase your risk to various disorders. With the help of VR, employees can be able to move. A VR environment is a perfect place to encourage employees to stand up and move around at work. Through the help of VR simulations, businesses can save time in training which will allow them to maximize productivity.

Customer Engagement

Virtual Reality allows a perfect experience for customers. The marketing office can use VR to showcase their products and services to their customers. Rather than setting up a physical showroom, it would be easier and much more interactive if they utilize Virtual Reality, added from