Benefits of VOIP Over Standard Phone Lines in Business

VOIP Scheme

Voice over Internet Protocol or VoIP is a technology that is also colloquially known as internet telephony. According to the experts at, VoIP is a technology that enables human communication over the internet through a series of transmissions. How this technology works is that it compresses vibrations in human voice modulations into digitally compressed signals that get converted into internet protocol (IP) data packets. These packets are further converted (during transmission) to a normal telephone signal if the receiver has a regular telephone or mobile device.

This revolutionary technology has enabled a lot of businesses to obtain reliable digital phone access across the globe. The technology works comfortably on broadband networks and has been instrumental in cutting costs and enabling businesses to scale up or down as the need arises. VoIP technology makes it possible to conduct calls over a desktop computer that is equipped with VoIP phones. The services and benefits offered by VoIP access are unparalleled to those of old phone lines and traditional connections.

Luke from works in transforming old traditional practices on regular telephonic conversations to digitally productive teleconferences between businesses to increase efficient business communication. Caelum Communications offer fixed costs with free call packages to enable cost-effective, worry-free communication throughout the year.

Let’s look at some of the benefits you can get over standard phone lines in businesses.

Easy Installation and Usage:

Installation of VoIP is quite simple and does not require a lot of technical know-how. Standard phone lines take longer to install and test rather than a VoIP system. The mobility and installation process of the VoIP offers many advantages like reduced usage of telephone cabling, less clutter, and no fire hazard due to faulty lines. It also reduces the need for excess electrical wiring since it is part of the digital infrastructure already present in your office. You can add additional internet components with very little hassle. The use of software as against hardware (to make and receive calls) enables easier maintenance of your entire telecommunications system.

A benefit to the user is that VoIP technology stores and combines all your data on one network thereby increasing your cost-effectiveness, manageability, and efficiency in business. VoIP technology is also available over wireless systems making it a hot commodity for asset-light companies. Small and large-scale companies are able to use this technology to make practically free calls from multiple locations while having all their data stored on a cloud server. Larger ecommerce businesses like Audio Concierge use VOIP as a reliable communication system. Used by all business such as companies like


Cheap Call Charges:

It is expensive to make calls over landlines since the line is taken up only by the caller and receiver. This is especially true for long distance calls. Placing calls over landlines increases charges per call which then adds up to the total outflow per month.

Since VoIP uses internet connections already present either through a direct IP connection or a service provider, any calls that you make through the use of your current internet package is cost-effective. There are no separate charges for local and international calls since the technology used for both is the same irrespective of the distance traveled during the transmission process. Many businesses are able to get free call rates with their monthly or annual internet connections.


Higher Reliability:

Most people are under the impression that if your internet connection fails, so does your VoIP. If you set up correct protocols for your business VoIP, this can be averted completely. With this technology, you can set up call forwarding. For instance, if you are unable to take the call in your office, it can automatically be rerouted to another location, server, or a device like your mobile or tablet. This effectively ensures that you are connected to your business irrespective of the location. Basically, you don’t have to miss any calls just because your internet is fluctuating or it has temporarily stopped.

This also takes care of the old problem of answering machines, missed telephonic calls, and any other lags in communications between you and your customers or clients. Apart from being extremely effective in enhancing communications, VoIP ensures that you are able to cut down on the time required to respond to circumstances. Liam from Millenio agreed “VOIP is essential for business communications, it takes out the problem of telephone lines and offers a much more clearer and flexible line.


If you are considering a shift from traditional phone lines to VoIP systems for your business, consult a reliable advisor like Caelum Communications to assist you in this major decision. Getting the best value for your money, improving productivity, and curtailing costs can be possible by the use of VoIP technology. Benefit by using VoIP over standard phone lines in your business.