iPhone X: The Smartphone You Always Wanted

June 28, 2007 was a very remarkable day in the world of technology. Apple released its first-ever iPhone. During the presentation, Steve Jobs told that the iPhone is “a revolutionary and magical product”. And yes, it remained incredible until now. The first iPhone sold over 6 million units.

For over a decade, the iPhone has changed in design and specs. It has become smarter. The last iPhone offering was in 2016 with the iPhone 7s and iPhone 7S Plus.

Now, to celebrate their 10th anniversary, Apple brings their latest innovation – iPhone X.

Let us know the key features of iPhone X that prove it is a big leap to the future:

No Home Button

iPhone X dropped its home button which also functions as the Touch ID security feature. Instead, it uses gestures to unlock. The removal of the home button paves the way to a larger screen display.

Face ID

iPhone X launches their Face ID, a breakthrough in smartphone security feature. iPhone X has TrueDepth camera system that reads your facial features to unlock the phone.

Wireless Charging

The iPhone X is the very first iPhone to charge wirelessly. Apple will also release AirPower, a wireless charging pad that allows the charging of multiple Apple devices at once.

Augmented Reality

iPhone X features augmented reality in which users can incorporate virtual images, games and videos onto the real world. The X also utilizes a 3D tracking system to impose masks using AR for applications. Katie from Civilized Health said “this is definitely the future for technology in my eyes along with AI.” Working perfectly with things like focal headphones or other top brands.


iOS is known for its unique emojis. But in the iPhone X, it is more unique. It features its animojis which allow users to make the emoji match your expression and mimic your movements.

Super Retina Display

iPhone X is much thinner. Chief designer Sir Jony Ive structured the iPhone X to look like a single sheet of glass. It has a 5.8-inch edge-to-edge OLED display that occupies the entire front of the phone. It comes with a 2438×1125 resolution display with 458 pixels per inch. Similar to the htc u11 review, the displays are of similar quality.

The iPhone X costs from £999 for 64GB and £1,149 for 256GB. It will be available for pre-order from October 25 and ships from November 3.

Credit Attribution: Designed by carlcheo.com